ON Sale NOW! Sunday, April 23, 2017; Hands-On Sushi Making Class-101!

Let’s Get Cookin’ With Spirit

Press Release

Date:               Sunday, April 23, 2017. 

Time:              6:00pm – 9:00pm EST. 

Location:      Publix at Village Square

Price:              $48.00; includes all taxes and surcharges

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Cookin’ with Spirit: Hands-On Sushi Making Class – 101.

*** LIMITED SEATING *** Reserve Seating is Required!

Here’s a little of what you can expect from our quarterly Cookin’ with Spirit classes.

Sushi 101 Description:
Discover sushi – without the raw fish. Learn the basics of making perfectly seasoned sushi rice, forming sushi rolls and nigiri using all the classic sushi ingredients like nori, wasabi, sushi rice, and pickled ginger.

Sushi 101 is a HANDS-ON Sushi making class and NOT the Standard Class format demonstration-style. You may choose to sit back and relax as the chef/instructor(s) prepare the Sushi themed menu, enjoy tastings of all dishes prepared, follow along with a written recipes, participate, and ask questions.

Class time is 2-3 hours.

For all Spirit of a Child Foundation “Cookin’ with Spirit” classes, we ask that you please make child-care arrangements prior to the start of class.

You’ll find your experience with us and Publix Aprons Cooking School to be an fun and enjoyable time!

$48.00 per person; includes all taxes and surcharges.

– Menu:  (Note: Wine Pairing Included)
Classic Sushi Rice; California Roll; Philadelphia Inside-Out Roll; Tempura Shrimp and Asparagus Roll with Toasted Sesame Seeds; Spicy Crab Hand Roll; Smoked Salmon Nigiri.

– Dessert:

The Spirit of a Child Foundation and Publix Aprons Chef Levi Newsome plus staff, look forward to seeing everyone for another successful evening on 04/23/2017!