Fall 2019 Parent-Child Project

Spirit of a Child Foundation

Fall 2019 Parent-Child Project

Application Submissions are CLOSED

The Spirit of a Child Foundation will hold its Fall 2019 Parent-Child project on Saturday, December 14, 2019. On Saturday our foundation will focus on environmental education and activities that require family members to work together and build healthy communication skills.

The criterion for the families is that they are in a situation of financial hardship, such as a parent living with cancer, a family living in extreme poverty, or a military family adversely affected by combat who may suffer from a physical or emotional injury, including post-traumatic stress disorder or a loss of a parent or child.

All participants will check-in at 10:00am EST and Departure 6:00pm EST. “Our families” will be treated to a day excursion. This day will jam-packed with incredible fun, along with life changing opportunities to explore and experience things only nature can provide! (**Disclaimer:  ‘scheduled times’ may vary or change due to Parent-Child destination. SOAC will give full communication to all 2019 selected families*) 

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this project, participating children must be age(s) 5/6-13/14, and they must be able to participate well in a group absorbing educational opportunities so that the learning environment is not disrupted.


The parent or guardian seeking to attend this event with his or her child age(s)  5/6-13/14 should write ONE page 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter to the Foundation at P.O Box 13954, Tallahassee, FL 32317., listing the child’s age on December 14, 2019, and stating:

1. Why the parent or guardian believes he or she needs to spend more quality time with his or her child;

2. Why the parent or guardian could not otherwise afford to attend such an event with the child;

3. Why the child could especially benefit from this particular experience; and

4. What special attributes or interest the child possesses that make this St. George Island opportunity particularly interesting to the child.



The Letter must be POSTMARKED by October 14, 2019.


The following expenses will be paid for by the Foundation:

– Meals included are lunch on December 14, 2019.

– All related costs associated with activities held by our host tour group(s).

Special Note:
Participants will be responsible for personal items and incidentals including cell phones, phone calls, personal snacks, ect.