11-11-14: For Immediate Release. Spirit of a Child Foundation Selects Families

Press Release

 For Immediate Release

Spirit of a Child Foundation chooses 3 families in need for this years parent-child project. 

 Tallahassee, FL, November 2014

The Spirit of a Child Foundation is hoping to make a vast difference in the lives of 3 families this year by providing them with the opportunity to grow and discover themselves outside of their difficult environment. For this years parent-child project, the foundation will be taking “our families” on a three day trip to Saint George Island with the help of Journeys of Saint George Island, Saint George Island Inn, and the kindness of all our supporters.

Each day will be packed with incredible fun and life changing opportunities to explore and experience things they most likely have no real chance to do-like a campfire including storytellers and musicians, a kayaking trip, and environmental presentation on local wild life and a chartered fishing trip which includes a dolphin encounter. To put it simply, a weekend all about “family” at a special place where no other issues can interfere with time needed to strengthen the bonds between a parent and child.

About Spirit of a Child Foundation

The Spirit of a Child Foundation is a growing voice for our most vulnerable citizens-children. We strongly believe that children are life’s most precious gifts and that their childhood should be filled with joy, laughter, and a future filled with endless possibilities. the root to a healthy child is to nurture their inner spirit with time, presence, gentle encouragement, and plenty of love. Through our funding, programs and partnerships, we focus on issues not currently or adequately addressed by government programs.

We help established organizations provide the necessary tools and valuable knowledge for parents to love their children and help them understand the importance of developing a strong family unit. Tools that give parents the ability to articulate and create a nurturing bond between themselves and their children. One that ultimately will last a lifetime.


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