Saturday, 9/15/18: Cookin’ with Spirit in the Park!

Let’s Get Cookin’ With Spirit

Date:               Saturday, September 15, 2018

Time:              11:30am – 2:00pm EST. 

Location:        Tom Brown Park – Tallahassee, Florida

Price:              Free Admission


Come Munch, Crunch, and have Brunch! 

The Spirit of a Child Foundation is excited to announce that it has teamed up with Pampered Chef, LTD for a Cookin’ with Spirit in the Park fundraiser!

Pampered Chef is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. At cooking fundraisers, their independent consultants help guests use their unique products to prepare simple and delicious recipes while sharing tips and techniques to make everyday cooking easier and faster.

Here’s a little of what you can expect from our Cookin’ with Spirit Fundraiser!

Looking to ENJOY a fun afternoon outdoors and learn easy cooking ideas, too? Look no further than Spirit of a Child Foundation‘s demonstration-style cooking classes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Petra Reid Cornell prepares a few family-friendly delicious brunch dishes before your eyes—complete with tips and tales from kitchens around the country.

Then, enjoy being served a sample of each recipe of what’s on Spirit of a Child’s brunch menu.

Class demonstration start time is Noon-1:30pm (1.5 hours)

You’ll find your experience with us and Pampered Chef Instructor, Petra Cornell, extremely fun and enjoyable time!


Fundraiser Location: 2-3-4 on Tom Brown Map

The recreational & playground area by Lake Leon off Conner Blvd. 

Please reference Tom Brown Park Map link provided: 

Catch the Spirit on Saturday, September 15, 2018!