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Press Release

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Spirit of a Child Foundation chooses four families in need for
2015 Parent-Child Project
– Tallahassee FL, October 2015
The Spirit of a Child Foundation hopes to make a difference for families in need this year. Thirteen parents and children from four families, including one all the way from Denver, CO, will spend three days in November on St. George Island with the foundation and Journeys of St. George Island for the 2015 Parent-Child Project.
Each year, the foundation takes children and parents from families in crisis-be it poverty, unexpected death, homelessness or other challenges-on a retreat where they can relax, have fun and bond without having to deal with the difficulties of their everyday lives. The purpose is to help end cycles of dysfunction and put at-risk children on a path to happy and productive lives.
– About Spirit of a Child Foundation
The Spirit of a Child Foundation is a growing voice for our most vulnerable citizens-children. We strongly believe that children are life’s most precious gifts and that their childhood should be full of joy, and laughter, and their futures filled with possibility. The key to a healthy child is to nurture the inner spirit with time, presence, gentle encouragement and plenty of love. Through our funding, programs and partnerships, we focus on issues that government programs do not currently or adequately address.
We help established organizations provide the necessary tools and knowledge parents need to love their children and understand the importance of developing a strong family unit. These tools give parents the ability create a nurturing bond between themselves and their children-a bond that will last a lifetime.
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